Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yesterday's Outfit: Chanel

I really need to get on buying a Chanel bag, I've just never come across any that are of reasonable price, I'm looking for a leather quilted Chanel, this may have to happen after Christmas...hopefully! Anyway, this look is inspired by the more classic side of Chanel, and below are some of ads that I've collected over the years that inspire really just about all my outfits based off Chanel! :) Here are some quick snapshots of yesterdays outfit below...

And now the inspiration...

 Chanel SS 2011

Chanel 2010

Chanel FW 2009-2010

Chanel SS 2007

Chanel 1992

Chanel 1992

Chanel 1991 Linda Evangelista 

Chanel 1990-1995 (Somewhere in between)

Chanel 1988

Chanel 1986 Ines de la Fressange 

Chanel 1983

Chanel 1980s (I WISH I could find this bag, beautiful shade of green which I'm not usually a fan of!)

The rest of the pictures below are from 1980 or lower. Exact years are unknown.

Yesterday's Outfit
Striped TShirt, Bash
Quilted Black Chain Bag, No Lable / Ebay purchase!
Black Leggings
Black Bow Hair clip
Black Jeweled Bow Flats
Pearls & Earrings, Chanel
Charm, Juicy Couture