Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Shoes! ...and other little things.

Goodwill these days sure does have some amazing stuff lying around. I found this pink Gucci wallet pictured below, a blue croc i.d bag, and a pair a navy blue and burgundy leather boots! I've never come across navy blue leather boots, but burgundy colored leather I have thanks to my finds in my past shoe favorites post! Now, time to start packing and deciding what I'm going to bring with me to college, glad its been raining literally nonstop here since yesterday so I have no motivation to really go out, although I think a spa day is in order before I go back to work for 4 days, these 4 days of no work, no school have been great but things are about to get hectic and I can't wait to be honest! :)

Navy Blue Boots, Nine West
Burgundy Boots, *Designer begins with an "A", its hard to read on the label plus I put an insole in this shoe. But if anyone knows the name of this designer please, please, please let me know because I have been searching and found nothing! All I know is there is a "z" and "e" in the name as well.
Blue Croc I.d Bag, designer unknown
Sunglasses (pictured with croc bag), Ray Ban aviators
Wallet, Gucci
Necklace (pictured with Gucci wallet), Chanel 'leaf' necklace