Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Leather jackets/vests I wished I owned.

Browsing some leather jackets online, I don't know what the sudden obsession is...maybe just the weather, or the fact that they go perfectly with just about anything and usually look better than pea coats on me. But I am in love with these jackets pictured below! I'm sure some are DIY and I only wish I could get my hands on some materials so I could give a DIY leather jacket it a try.

Not sure what the story is behind the upside down cross (I've noticed that on a lot of DIY jackets I found on my search) but I like the Barbies and 'Rude Doll" studs!


Rick Owens

Ok, ok, ok. Just FOCUS on only the pink leather jacket! This was seriously one of the best finds and its from a line called Toxic Vision ‘Bad Reputation’ collection. Totally badass and more pictures below because I really can't get enough of this jacket, and it comes in a vest form...gasp.

I have no idea what the other parts of this jacket look like, but the backs pretty awesome!

I love the spikes on the bottom part of the sleeve on this one!

All for now, I think I'll have to make a Part 2 on this post!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Inspirational pictures.

If i get to design my dorm the way I want and I hope I will, here are the pictures that helped me come up with ideas! Inspiration came from all over! Like different fashion lines, random picture finds, photos I took, and different photos from certain photographers.

What I think of when I think of my fashion blog, Sunshine Blow :)

Dolce and Gabbana SS 2011

Miu Miu 2010 Sneakers

purple beaded Italian chandelier & bedroom photos found here

multiple perfume bottle drawings

Valentino SS 2010

Yves Saint Laurent 'Cage Heel'

Daniel Gurton 2010

Chanel 2010

Sheila Marquez for Harper’s Bazaar EspaƱa January 2011

Balmain FW 2010

Rodarte FW 2008

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Shoes! ...and other little things.

Goodwill these days sure does have some amazing stuff lying around. I found this pink Gucci wallet pictured below, a blue croc i.d bag, and a pair a navy blue and burgundy leather boots! I've never come across navy blue leather boots, but burgundy colored leather I have thanks to my finds in my past shoe favorites post! Now, time to start packing and deciding what I'm going to bring with me to college, glad its been raining literally nonstop here since yesterday so I have no motivation to really go out, although I think a spa day is in order before I go back to work for 4 days, these 4 days of no work, no school have been great but things are about to get hectic and I can't wait to be honest! :)

Navy Blue Boots, Nine West
Burgundy Boots, *Designer begins with an "A", its hard to read on the label plus I put an insole in this shoe. But if anyone knows the name of this designer please, please, please let me know because I have been searching and found nothing! All I know is there is a "z" and "e" in the name as well.
Blue Croc I.d Bag, designer unknown
Sunglasses (pictured with croc bag), Ray Ban aviators
Wallet, Gucci
Necklace (pictured with Gucci wallet), Chanel 'leaf' necklace

Monday, December 19, 2011

My Christmas Tree / My New Shirt

My Christmas tree in my bedroom, full of new ornaments as well as a few old ones purchased last year. New ornaments pictures below, and my favorite ornament of all, the shoe!

My favorite :)

New shirt, Gray with pink neon stripes and says "Have a Little Fun" on it. I am in love with this!

What I'm Wearing
Shirt, Beverly Hills 90210
Pink Christmas Lights!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Haider Ackermann Shoes

While making a previous post of mine and searching on I fell in love with Haider Ackermann's shoes! I love the lace detail he puts on his boots, reminds me of something I drew up a while ago thanks to a Proenza Schouler influence. 

Upon further investigation I found out that this boot actually turns into a thigh high boot. You can unzip the lace part and it unfolds or does some magic trick and becomes a thigh high! Although I prefer these boots in a short style I wouldn't mind switching them up from time to time.

These are my favorite pair by him by far. Although I love heels quite a bit I can't help but go towards a nice combat boot type of shoe, and with this lace detail I really can't help but fall in love with these! Thats why they made it into my FW '11 'Shoe Picks' :)

C'mon, you gotta love that scrunched up leather. Im always, always trying to make my boots do that but then they start to get ruined and I have to wear them like they were made haha, finding boots already scrunched up has been something thats been really hard to find around here, and I don't know why!?

This might just be the tallest thigh high I've seen. Found this one on Barneys website, on sale. Even though still on sale expensive. I have enough thigh highs to make me happy though so maybe thats why I didn't add these to the FW '11 Shoe Picks even though they are beautifully unique! My favorite parts the different straps, if memory serves me correctly I think I drew up a boot with multiple straps too! 

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