Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Leather jackets/vests I wished I owned.

Browsing some leather jackets online, I don't know what the sudden obsession is...maybe just the weather, or the fact that they go perfectly with just about anything and usually look better than pea coats on me. But I am in love with these jackets pictured below! I'm sure some are DIY and I only wish I could get my hands on some materials so I could give a DIY leather jacket it a try.

Not sure what the story is behind the upside down cross (I've noticed that on a lot of DIY jackets I found on my search) but I like the Barbies and 'Rude Doll" studs!


Rick Owens

Ok, ok, ok. Just FOCUS on only the pink leather jacket! This was seriously one of the best finds and its from a line called Toxic Vision ‘Bad Reputation’ collection. Totally badass and more pictures below because I really can't get enough of this jacket, and it comes in a vest form...gasp.

I have no idea what the other parts of this jacket look like, but the backs pretty awesome!

I love the spikes on the bottom part of the sleeve on this one!

All for now, I think I'll have to make a Part 2 on this post!