Tuesday, June 8, 2010


 Alright, heres some necklaces that I've been creeping on recently. The first set is by far my favorite!

Hanna Bernhard
Can you believe someone actually came up with this stuff?! Wait, I actually can believe it...seriously, these necklaces are amazing, just take a look for yourself. I've never seen or even conjured up anything like this before.
They're made by a paris-based jewelry designer named Hanna Bernhard and you can visit her website http://www.french-bakelite.com/ to see so much more of her amazing jewelry.

This stingray is my favorite piece of hers. You probably can't read it but in this article it says that the stingray goes for $3200 at V.O.D (a boutique in Dallas, TX) and is 14 by 19 inches! I'd wear it, even if i'd need a neckbrace later on...

The rest of these pictures are straight off french-bakelite.com so thats why they say 'sold' on them.

This one I saw a while ago on www.seaofshoes.com. Great blog btw!

This one is another great masterpiece!


These are all some really amazing pieces by Hanna Bernhard. They're not even far from what im into designing!

Heres some necklaces from a more antique/vintage line called Razza.


This is all for now!
I really didn't want to make this an extremely long post so another part will be coming soon! For now (the post named 'Sketches' will be showing you some of my own designs.

Photo Credit!
and Razza Jewelry pictures from Ruby Lane, Etsy, Antique & Collectible, GoAntiques all found through Google Images.