Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Born Wednesday June 2, 2010

A Quote by: Bryan Boy from the blog
"He said that there are two kinds of blogs. There's the type that come along and break news stories. Then there are the ones where people fall in love with you as a person and they come back day after day to find out what you've been up to. That's the difference between a [fashion] blog and a [fashion] magazine; with a blog you really get to have your own voice."

Exactly, is what I have to say. Anyway, my names Katie and i'm from St. Louis, Missouri. Im 18. And no, I dont live on a farm and no I don't live in the ghetto. I've actually never even touched a cow or heard a gun being shot in case you should no. I'm saying this because a lot of people that aren't from here seem to think that those two things are the only things around here, not everybody thinks that I'm sure but this is going by what i've witnessed when I tell people where I'm from. That being said, I live in the city, across the street from some auto repair place. Nice, huh? Well, I think its really boring here and so like most fashion bloggers that I've read about, try to bring a little more excitement to wherever they live by dressing up in whatever they feel like. I like to do that too. As well as create my own games and adventures with friends and the occasional party or too. I also like to sketch. Because I'd love to have a shoe and jewelry line out someday. I already know exactly what I want to do with my life and this blog is a record on how im getting to where I want to be. This blog is a fashion blog, a diary, whatever. Its mine and you'll be surprised with each post.
So enjoy.