Monday, June 28, 2010

Fashion + Art

I love when designers mix fashion with art! Here are some pictures that i've collected over the past couple of months that combine the two together.

Versace. This is an awesome looking body suit type thingy. I would love to wear this, it would defitnately turn some heads! I love the beaded part mixed with the spandex fabric. Its so tacky but you can't help but not look at it! Can ya feeeelll it?!??!!

This picture is beyond sick and I get the feeling of death and despair when I look at it. Ah, I love this picture.

Connie Lims depiction of Alexander McQueen. I read an article on these pictures in Dazed and Confused magazine ( and I really didn't know if she was making a negative or positive depiction. But either way i think the pictures are still pretty sweet. I think this picture gives a revealing look at Alexander McQueen ads. The models usually seem to be a little naked standing really close to each other, and they all smoke cigarettes right? :P
 I don't know what the whole naked models leaning in on each other supposed to mean to the public, maybe it gives off a feeling of empowerment...or something.

Christian Dior

One of my favorites, Hanna Bernhard! I see a couple of familiar pieces, and the shoes are killer.

Louis Vuitton ads. The colors in these ads go great together don't you think? It looks iconic 1950's. The girls look gorgeous in these photos!

Bar du Soleli
July 1961
Vogue Art Print

Norman Parkinson
Jeannie Patchett
Paris Vogue

more to come! I have more than plenty to share.