Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring/Summer Shoe Favorties

  Here are some of my favorite shoes from the Spring and Summer lines. I think my favorites have to be Prada SS '10, Miu Miu SS '10, and the Chanel SS '08. The SS shoes for this years Miu Miu aren't too shabby either! I love the color block on the shoe, and the rich red color really stands out. The Dior SS '11 are beyond beautiful! I love the colors on this one shoe in particular, the red ribbon is a perfect color and goes well with all the other colors on the shoe. The prada SS '10 chandelier shoes are so different, i've never seen anything like them before and I hope I come across a resonably priced pair one day. The Miu Miu SS '10 might just be my next shoe purchase! I love the platform and the overall shape of the shoe. Its perfect for Spring/Summer.