Wednesday, January 25, 2012

And the reason I've been m.i.a. is...

HOMEWORK! ...duh. But oddly enough it doesn't bother me. Maybe because it has absolutely nothing to do with math or chemistry, which are my least favorite subjects! Studying fashion is fun. Its easy to do, and all you have to do is sketch or sew. Two things I love but can only sometimes get annoying due to too much exposure. Just look at what I've been doing just these past two weeks.

Just the beginning sketches of a project for one of my classes. Creating 5 designs based of the Adrian Stripes.

I really like the colors I used for all these But my favorite has to be the one above. I wanted it to be pretty colorful, Christian Diors Spring/Summer 2011 was a big inspiration for me with this project. I love the colors used for the shoes so that was really a great muse. I also wanted to pick colors that looked good with my model drawings hair.

This project was to create 6 designs based off a flower. Now, I was looking for White Oleanders because White Oleander is a favorite book of mine but then I came across this Dahlia flower. I love the colors red and purple and when they're together, they look great! So here are my designs below. 4 is my best work I think, just because it represents the flower best.

Now, my favorite part of this post! My moodboards. We had to design 5 for the class. But I think the ones that represent me best, and obviously my favorites, would be the first two. Bohemian, and Girly Punk/Grunge.

Visited the library, found the very first issue of Vogue or at least I think it is, this was the oldest they had. Its so weird to see how far they've come since 1942!

Just a few of the Vogues, I swear I think they had every issue! Or separate issues in just one book.

And I just about died when I saw these...

So I guess I'm gonna be pretty busy with school for a bit. Outfit posts are a bit difficult to do right now. Just because of the lack of time. Those sketches alone took days! But i'll try to post as much as I can! Quick outfit snapshots will probably be frequent for awhile.