Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend in review.

What a great two-day break from school, I'm being serious here. Exams are quickly approaching and so is the moving date! So, naturally, I've been shopping non-stop for things. Especially clothes! I have no idea what shopping will be like in Columbia (it's a pretty small town) so I've been stocking up on anything worth buying here, purses and shoes have been the main items but I've also become balls deep in tops due to our downtown Goodwill Outlet where you can get a pound of clothes for 80 cents! I went there two days in a row last week and spent $14 so you do the math and thats how many shirts I bought, along with 3 or 4 purses and 2 pairs of leather heels (Italian! One of my favorites) what a steal!

Before my families Thanksgiving started, my mom and sister and I decided to go on a little hike. Perfect weather for it and to take pictures, haven't really done an outfit post in a while but I figured it was well past due that I make one. Some new purchases seen in pictures below are my studded t-shirt, long cardigan sweater, and red leather purse which by the way is a beautiful shade of red, I bought a similar bag but it had a blue undertone in the red and I've been looking everywhere for a red bag with orange undertone, but then, viola! Found it! Thanks goodwill :)

Susie wearing my Chloe sunglasses, not bad :)

My eye makeup, haven't really been into much other than just mascara and black eyeliner lately, decided to switch it up for the holidays but hey who knows maybe i'll start using more colorful eye shadows for a bit.

Studded T-Shirt, ANA
Black Leggings
Combat Boots, Steve Madden
Vintage Cardigan Sweater
Skull Ring, Alexander McQueen
Red Purse, Vintage/Thrifted
Sunglasses (on me and Susie), CHLOE
Nailpolish (Walgreens, CVS), Sally Hansen 'Rockstar Pink'

Pink Shirt, J. Crew
Jeans, Forever21
Brown Leather Boots
Gray scarf, Target