Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shoe favorites.

My favorite shoes from the past spring/summer seasons. It looks like Spring/Summer 2009 had some really amazing shoes, really glad I snagged the black pair of Ann D's a couple months back but I would also love these in white. My favorites above, Dries Van Noten always makes beautiful shoes. Check 'em out below...

 Spring/Summer 2009. 
Love all of these, I'm crazy about beads on shoes! I'm currently sketching a couple of pairs of beaded shoes and I can't wait til there done!

Spring/Summer 2008

Spring/Summer 2008


Now, while I don't usually find any Marc Jacobs shoes that really catch my eye (even though I love the designers purses, very beautiful work) the Resort 2010 collection of shoes was certainly quite eye catching...

Marc Jacobs Resort 2010
Now, I am not a fan of jelly shoes, or any type of rubbery shoes for that matter. They really irk me, so yes as you can guess I really hate rubber flip flops, or just flip flops of any kind. These pair of jelly platform heels would be perfect if the top part of the shoe wasn't jelly! The velvet part is beautiful, so leather would have been much better for the straps, in fact when I first saw them I though it was leather until I researched further. I am so disappointed because I really would love this shoe if it wasn't for the jelly part. They came in 3 beautiful colors, pink, blue, and gray. Too bad for the jelly straps. 

More later, Miu Miu has been on it the past couple of seasons with their shoes, same for YSL! More shoe favorites posts to come!

*All pictures from Google Images.