Saturday, April 9, 2011

Perfect Weather

Wow! Guess what? It's really hot outside today! I'm very excited, this couldn't be more perfect of a weekend! I had some friends over last night and today I spent the day cleaning the house, drawing a couple of new designs (I came up with a bunch of new ideas last night!) and photographing some awesome shoes that arrived in the mail last week, a late birthday gift but I'm not complaining!

I've been starting to put a lot of different braids in my hair, YouTube and fashion magazines are really a great source for new hairstyle ideas and I just love putting braids in my hair as the weather gets warmer. I recently purchased a clip-on braided bun! Only $5 and works and looks great especially with bangs and some big earrings. 

Perfect to wear on a hot day!

Wearing this awesome purple chiffon dress that's from Forever 21, but I found it at a thrift store! great find and I'm pretty sure I did another post with this dress before. I've been wearing this long dress with a black camisole all day but every once and a while I get super hot and throw on a tutu, also from Forever 21! Why I have so many clothes from that place I'll never know! They seem to be very popular not just at the mall but at thrift stores around where I live.

Hope everyones enjoying this perfect Saturday!