Thursday, October 28, 2010

Outfit Shots

I've been really into wearing a lot of necklaces and long skirts (not together) recently. So I hit up the local goodwill and got a ton of long skirts, more pictures to come I promise. Due to the chilly weather today I am NOT going outside! I'm going to sit inside all day, draw & sketch, and drink hot coco with my best friend! But here are some pictures I took on Sunday of this really cool blue/turquoise skirt I purchased.

Worn with my moms "snake" belt.

Some of my favorite necklaces. Very top: gold spike necklace, a plastic necklace that I call my "cookie necklace" because it kind of looks like a chocolate chip cookie, a stone necklace my godmother gave me, and a gold bow necklace that died (chain broke and is un-fixable!) a couple hours after I took this picture. R.I.P