Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fashion Decade Drawings. 60's, 70's and 80's.

Here are some scans of some drawings I did from these books Fashions of a Decade. I returned them to the library already but soon I will get them back and take some scans of the pictures in these books! They are marvelous!

But for now...

(bottom left) Yves Saint Laurent 1967 dress. Worn with sparkly gold tights, and has a big pink face on it. I would love to come across this dress one day. I'll be searching for it!

(top right) Christian Dior 1962 dress. Was worn by the more conservative group back in the 60's.

(top left) Brigitte Bardot...enough said! 

(top outfit) Yves Saint Laurent pantsuit. The year? Not sure. But this outfit was gorgeous in the book! With a big gold belly-dancer-like belt and bell-bottom pants with crazy 70's designs on it!
(bottom outfit) Pierre Cardin 1973, Pants with...knee patches on them? I've never seen this before. Looks like something polo players would wear I'm not sure if I'd be down with wearing them, but you never know!

(girl with gray hair) Comme des Garcons, 1989. Pretty good description? Maybe. Anywho this is Rei Kawakubo's silver wig. Rei Kawakubo is nothing short of a genius, you should know this...if you don't please just stay under that rock, or in that cave. Wherever your staying at not knowing who Rei Kawakubo is...ya crazy.

(bottom left) MORE Rei Kawakubo, pants, 1980. also called a "japanese construction". WHATEVER, there poofy pants with stripes on them, pretty sweet. I'd wear them with some type of red shoe (HEELS!)....but only if there black and white and I would hope that I don't get mistaken for someone in jail.

(bottom right) Vivienne Westwood, 1985, mini crinoline. Crinoline, ladies and gentlemen, is something us girls put under our skirts so they look poofy or poofy-er however you prefer. I am a fan!