Saturday, July 24, 2010

Its summer, and i get distracted easily.

Haven't been really "inspired" lately. So I did what any smarty pants would do right? I bought a boat load of books. They should be here fairly soon. I'm very excited to read them! Heres what I ordered, now its coming from straight memory so give me some slack!

Chanel book. I believe that it has looks from 1946 to the present. Very excited to see the pictures!

Antique Jewelry. The cover looked pretty so I had to get it.

more sketch books and a new set of colored pencils, and there actually legit this time I didn't find them inside a pencil case in my dining room. haha!

and last but kind of least because they have nothing to do with fashion or designing what so ever, two books from meg cabots series "airhead". Don't know if any of you have read it but they seem pretty interesting to me and it's been a while since i read a book that i haven't already read. Ya dig?

Lets hope these books get here asap!